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RankIQ Review – The RankIQ AI SEO Tool At A Glance

rankiq review

RankIQ Review – The RankIQ AI SEO Tool At A Glance

The Elevator Pitch: RankIQ is an AI-powered on-page content optimization tool that helps your content rank on page one of Google. RankIQ offers a comprehensive list of low competition keywords based on the user’s niches. For those interested in pursuing SEO often but new to the process, this is a helpful tool. Unfortunately, there is some criticism that this tool is only available to a select list of organic bloggers (not yet available to publishers or outlets linked to onion under the affiliation). That may be the case until the launch of their paid service, which will likely raise concerns for many people.

My name is Keith, and I am someone who built business websites since 1999. While I like to dabble with sites, I haven’t built one in quite a while. My interest is not in making money, but I figured that this new tool that the inventor of it built might help me get work done easily and quickly again.

I thought that curiosity about content, so I wrote a draft on the Curation style as an article. Then later asked the founder.

Introduction to RankIQ

It must be remembered that, in order to determine the relevancy of the article, the author must seek, selectively and purely only the lowest and the most relevant keywords to describe the article. In case of more mundane articles, a limited number of keywords are nearly adequate. Any article you can write and then pester the writer for these same few keywords related to quality of the article and further ones related to the kind of topic that is discussed in the article were readily chosen. Moreover, the reader can further borrow keywords from the bestsellers in the market in order to compliment or enhance his own text. We are able to rank their phone

I will neither spoil the surprise nor the suspense. After all, you should go read the article to find out everything.

What is RankIQ, exactly?

RankIQ makes suggestions for the ideal word count, page title, and topic keywords to help content enter page-one searches in the search engine. This new software makes suggestions, based on SEO myths and the best-performing blogs, to help content perform better online.

How does RankIQ work?

RankIQ was developed to help bloggers and content publishing sites on the Google search engine achieve first-page pagination. The founder, Brandon Gaille, recognized that most content publisher find it difficult to get their websites notional ranks on page one of Google for their target keywords. A March 2020 study published by Ahrefs and Google found that 91% of content get traffic from Google. That study also found that only 1% of pages get between 100 and 1,000 monthly visits. The first page of a search engine results page (or SERP) consists of only two links to get generate ‘sales.’ And results are even scarcer beginning with the second page. So those who aim to publish content must be especially keen on getting their websites

That statistic caused HubSpot $50 million in 2016 for a brand of communications tech infrastructure called ESPs. These tools help bloggers understand what type of content should be written for high search engine placement, or help bloggers understand how to monetize content when the blog post is ready to be published. Each blogger will have their own objective. Some bloggers want to retain a specific portion of traffic that drives profit. Instead of driving traffic, other bloggers would like to help readers solve a specific problem and have natural discovery traffic drive a substantial portion of earnings.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

RankIQ is a market-disrupting SEO tool that utilizes IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence to compute thousands of mathematical equations in less than two minutes, and provides actionable insights that explain where to invest your time, and ultimately, how to increase your search ranking. The RankIQ algorithm works by running its proprietary SEO score on over 6,000 mathematical equations in under two minutes. The SEO score provides a brief snapshot of competitiveness by generating a unique algorithm-generated F1 Artificial Score which factors into RankIQ’s proprietary S1 scoring engine.

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Who is RankIQ for?

This software is aimed towards those who blog, write for the web, and want to have their content appear in web searches. It is integral for the beginning blogger to intermediate blogger, and for the intermediate blogger and beyond. The software helps users not only rank top organic search results, but also optimize content that has already been created.

RankIQ Review

RankIQ’s interface is very clearly and visually. Once you are logged in, your eye is naturally drawn towards the tutorial video, which is a very informative 26-minute onboarding video that Brandon has put together to welcome new users and to take them through the basics of RankIQ. The instructions are presented in a very clear, step-by-step manner wherever possible, and a number of helpful tips are available in context-sensitive areas, such as during the construction of quoted searches.

Reasoning through how to plan new campaigns, how to write SEO-relevant content, and how to write content for Google’s voice-activated AI is a remarkable tutorial. Here are three vital steps to take on this Soozi AI program.

#1. Create a keyword list by including both term and topic ideas. These keywords should be possible to rank for. Include related keywords that help improve the user experience by generating reviews and links.

#2. Write original content relevant to the brand involved. The search algorithm looks for more content, not more rules. Initially, when you start writing, make your piece as funny or interesting or entertaining as possible. However, write as if the test reader will be able to provide the reader with an OUT

The Keyword Library – What’s That All About?

This is a wonderful innovation from Brandon. Within the tool, Brandon has handpicked a huge list of low competition keywords for over 60 different blogging niches. It will help new bloggers who want to make a climb up the search rankings. I appreciated the brevity and skill it required to extract that information.

Success with SEO requires keywords that are both differentiated and relevant. To start, keywords can be selected carefully through careful analysis of the website’s content and the majority of a specific niche’s unoccupied keywords. With fresh content to amplify, there is a better chance that the websites ranking in the search results will make a decent amount of money if they set up an SEO campaign. Be wary of random words which don’t make much sense in order to get a better average daily search volume. Most websites lack cash flow, but keyword uniqueness is fairly essential, and that should be an important consideration to have when building backlinks


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– Cybersecurity

– Cybersecurity trends

– Cybercrime trends

– Electrict Rets


– Cyber trends

– Face-filtering technology

– Dog grooming canine’s

– DIY repairs

– Home automation & appliances

– IYO decoration

– Link marketing

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– Fur care

– Food money and nutrition

– Outdoor exercise

– Organization

– SFG & disease



– Fix skills

– Gardening

A prospective librarian is making a career decision. A topic covering a wide range of specialized niches is a career that could be done very fast. Yet to see the niche that pays the best is to go into more detail regarding each niche. So it’s pretty important to find what you enjoy doing and then look at all the niches where what you like to do is the most profitable. We’ll do a new post on this with the niches covered so you can start raking in the moolah!

This software is a huge time-saver for those in the food and travel blogging niches. The only drawback I see is that RankIQ will only be receiving thousands of users right now. What if those early adopters start ranking for the same highly competitive keywords you want them to rank in? I believe those slots will be disappearing fairly quickly. I suspect Brandon would be busy, but he is an experienced user and will likely address that issue on the official RankIQ roadmap.

Brandon promises that he will create a list of low competitiveness keywords for any niche that is not listed. You just have to reach him on the support chat which was IS being monitored, personally. I was grateful that the tool’s creator was present in the support chat when I needed help.

The dynamic and changing universe of information will eventually evolve to a point where links to these low competition pages will not be sufficient to sustain growth. The tool is slowly approaching a stage where there will hardly be enough people to invoke organic growth, and the only way to grow is through paid traffic. The keywords tables are presented in a table containing three different arrays of data: – A competition score, – An estimate of how many visits a page gets per year, – An estimated number of searches that the page will be shown on Google for in natural search. These estimates use historic ranking data based on posts in the SERPS that have __ links. In other words, low-competition __ or as close to

If I went looking for a ranking optimization consulting website, my expectation is that I would see a drop in the estimated SEO time. That’s what I have seen in my own niche benchmarking websites where linkbuilding is not a primary tactic. After a report is run for a particular keyword, there is an option to view two tabs: – RankIQ – DistillIQ It’s the same keyword.

AI SEO Report

This published report is from Google. It takes less than 30 seconds to run, as it’s examining a lot of pages and pulling data from live pages to make a single analysis. Once the report is ready, it is presented in a very clean and elegant format. The report is split into 4 sections: Trends, Users, Choices, and Useful Information. From there, you can speed through and drill down. Because traffic is so much up right now, results are running fast. I generally find you can run the report in about 30 seconds.

# 1 – Summary Targets

Google developed AMP, a software shortcut for webpages that load within just a few seconds, to help users see content faster on mobile devices. As AMP grew, Google hoped that writing articles with high quality content would ensure those content types get a ranking boost.

# 2 – Competition Analysis: Highest Graded Content in Google

This is a list of the best matched posts to your keyword. To get an idea of how they are formatted, you should especially pay attention to see if they’re matching the search intent of the keyword. This will not cover all of the paid tactics available online, but it will give you a good idea of what companies may/may not do.

Have fun exploring! Leave us a comment if you find anything.


# 3 – Title Analysis: Keywords Google Likes In Titles

Keywordshapes provides you with the ability to see what types of keywords are most frequently used when people search Google or other search engines. This gives you a better sense of how different types of keywords influence your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

The title is one of the most important page-level signals that tell Google what your page is about. By writing the right title, you can really help it to increase CTR. The best rankIQ creates the perfect page title by grouping the most possible keywords for any given search term. Cool!


I found the issue, it’s in remove the text in the title tag mainly before and after, still What about specific word to replace it, Take a look

Rendered Page by Keyword

Made by Keyword


# 4 – Content Analysis: Topics Google Wants You to Cover

Once you refine your research interest, RankIQ provides you with suggested topic points for its AI to work with. These topic points automatically sort by order of importance for any article of your choice. This quick-access method saves so much time, allowing you to effectively concentrate on quality content. Competitor research isn’t this simple without its AI at work. Without automated RankIQ, it can take hours to find out what you should write about, and not all that time is best spent creating content.

Original Text: Gerrit Van der Aa is a commercial airship pilot with more than 142 hours of flight time on highly streamlined ships. Aged 32, he’s been making money

The goal of this list is to organize the top 40 topics into one thematic theme to be used in the post outline. The themes are called tags, and the list will include variations that are relevant to underlined topics. Additionally, The list should include highlighted keywords that may be useful in ranking for large amounts of secondary keywords.

Brandon’s recommendations for this project are as follows: Step 1 __ Organise the top 40 topics into one theme that reflects the Healthcare industry. Step 2 __ Identify the CsTs. In the basics training video, Brandon talks about the importance of keeping up to date with new keywords and how to avoid keyword stuffing. When the training team want to ensure some basic rules are followed, they use a keyword management tool. It is vital to avoid keyword stuffing as it will certainly harm you in the long run. Step 3 __

Content Grade Optimizer

In General Content Editor, you can create all types of content using the WYSIWYG editor. The Content Optimizer takes these chunks of information and breaks them down into audience groups and how much content these groups are getting. On the right-hand side of the layout, those groups that require more content get a green checkmark, and those of less need and pop up a yellow checkmark.

The content will be ready to publish once you have reached the target content grade and word count. It will then be ranked effective for all associated keywords and phrases related to the chosen topic). Blessed with this, you’ll also have content that should produce a high click-through rate as the keyword phrase itself is related to a very popular and widely talked about subject.

The amount of time and energy we put into it shouldn’t be underestimated. Making these changes take time and energy. Everyone should be able to start making these changes in their clients sites easy, and the rulesets

RankIQ’s Recommended Writing Strategy

– Write a detailed outline. – Outline your point in a comprehensive way. – Create a short meaningful text.

Pros of RankIQ

I helped create this tool based upon my love for SEO articles. This tool ensures that your articles will have the best chance at being approved. Hundreds of low-competition keywords with handpicked sources are presented in a neat form. Content Analyzer generates 20-word article titles based upon high-performing content with the relevant keyword. Previous projects that this tool can create include the SEO article sales page builder, the alt text optimization tool, and so more. The topic suggestions and word count are simple and easy to use.

I wanted to underline the “for the niche-by-niche basis” part. I have found

Cons of RankIQ

While Gene by Gene is still trying to enter the market, it is currently only available as a pro version. According to RankIQ there are many advantages to controlling your website rankings, as well as some obstacles. For instance, another website may try to steal your website’s ranking juice. And RankIQ may not discover all members linking to your website.

The challenges also include not having a sufficient number

Verdict – Is RankIQ legit?

Well, is RankIQ the real deal? I believe both the company and the product are very real. I am impressed by RankIQ over I evaluated it in short time frame. I haven’t been able to offer a take a more in-depth look at RankIQ to really understand how it works. Instead, I had the chance to test it over a short window. I am sold easily.

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Popas RankIQ is an excellent free service that is very suitable for starting out.

Although MoneySavingCentres is not the only free finder-of-best value comparison websites, i think that it comes close, having found out some very useful 5-10% saving carriers for me.

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RankIQ Features

– Powered by IBMs AI. – Over 6,000 equations are calculated by the AI in under 2 minutes. – Set up complex content quickly and polished brilliantly.

RankIQ Pricing

How much does RankIQ cost? At the time of writing, March 2021, RankIQ is priced at $99 per month. However, for a limited time only, you can get grandfathered in for just €49 per month. This is very reasonable in comparison to other AI-powered SEO tools. Most bloggers who are starting out can afford this. Using RankIQ will help their new content rank quicker and if they monetize the content, it should earn higher amounts more quickly. It’s difficult to compare this particular tool 1:1 to other tools because they are all different. SurferSEO has a very limited tier priced at about $30 per month. That’s only a hobby tier so it doesn’t compare fairly. SurferSEO’s top package is currently priced at $650.

Alternatives to RankIQ

While all of these tools are also different, they are not in direct competition against one another. The occasional person might use three, but they will not be used with any regularity. So the “competitors” term isn’t as accurate as I think you might want to use it, but I think it’s close.


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Is there a free alternative to RankIQ?

I don’t know of any free alternative that can scan personalized content for keyword density. However, my Business Intelligence Training Center has a personalized content-scoring system for clients like RankIQ. If you are interested, contact me at [email protected]


Frequently asked questions about Rank IQ.

Who is the founder and creator of RankIQ?

The National Institutes of Health estimates that by 2020 about one in eight U.S. adults will be getting or recovering from PTSD due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses are shutting down due to procedures or other reasons; this is causing massive problems not only in the economy, but also in the mental and physical health of millions of people. Mental health experts predict that the mental health effects from the COVID-19 are going to be large. My mission is to help individuals, families, and businesses that are suffering with the mental health impact from COVID-19.

Brandon has a very open history with the ‘ups and downs’ of his family’s internal struggle. His none other than another social-media platform has remained private for almost a decade. His web stats, and the story he is willing to share about what he’s working on at Heliyon remain very open in nature. His life is

Is there a RankIQ free trial or discount coupon code?

At the moment, the cost is $50.

Is there a RankIQ demo?

There’s no publicly available demo at this time

Does RankIQ have an Affiliate Program?

There’s an affiliate program for RankIQ. It could be a great way for you to start out.


Is RankIQ only for WordPress?

No. RankIQ is more than just a quiz app on the Web. You need only have access or access to the real Web.

[9] “How do traders really operate?” Wired. July 23, 2013.

Is RankIQ safe to use?

This tool offers incredible improvement that would improve the quality and informational content of articles. It won’t use monkey spam or black hat SEO techniques of any kind. This is a perfectly white hat SEO tool.

Are there tutorials for RankIQ?

The software is very easy to use and self-explanatory. There is also a very informative induction video as soon as you log in.

Is there a RankIQ Chrome extension?

The omnichannel interface offered multifaceted solutions through the means of which all users can tap according to their preference at the time.

Is there a RankIQ API?

Currently, there is not a public API for all of the software. It is unknown of, if there ever will be one. Furthermore, this may all be loaded up on future updates.

Will RankIQ integrate with Google Search Console?

Although this statement can be somewhat controversial, some tools encourage some sort of integration with Google Search Console. It is not yet known if the next version will integrate with GSC, but that is a possibility for a future release.

What’s In My Blogging Toolkit?

Check out another post I devoured!

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